The Birth Dance

Healing Adverse Birth and Babyhood Experiences (ABEs)

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Are you a health practitioner, trauma healer, transformational coach, or visionary who feels something is missing in your skill set or your life?

important point -The Birth Dance   You feel like you're always knocked off course... or you keep hitting road blocks
important point -The Birth Dance  Your practice or business is not at the level you'd hoped; you're having a hard time making ends meet... or there's a glass ceiling on your income.
important point -The Birth Dance  You're concerned that you're missing an important piece of intuitive wisdom in your work...and that lack could negatively affect your clients


important point -The Birth Dance  You're not fully confident in your skills and abilities as a practitioner
important point -The Birth Dance  You feel you're missing your potential and beginning to doubt you'll ever fullfil your mission and live your passion
important point -The Birth Dance You long to help your clients create deep shifts, but your own persistent personal issues are getting in your way and holding you back
If your life is off course and you're not sure how to get back on track (even if you think you've tried everything already) this is the course that could change everything.


Your Plan to Build a Happier, More Meaningful Life
The Birth Dance

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The Birth Dance

Practice the simple "5 & 5" Birth Dance Steps

The Birth Dance

Restore joy, purpose and fulfillment to your life.



What is The Birth Dance System?

  • The Birth Dance checkmark A powerful step-by-step blueprint to transform early trauma and step into freedom
  • The Birth Dance checkmark A revolutionary new way of addressing core issues of hidden birth and generational trauma patterns
  • The Birth Dance checkmark Presenting a new paradigm in trauma healing, based on the latest, cutting-edge brain scan research (not the same re-hashed strategies you've learned before... for years).
  • The Birth Dance checkmark Some say the personal growth experience of The Birth Dance System is more powerful than years of therapy.



What's it all about?

Porges' Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing and Energy Psychology, for example, were revolutionary for their time and started us all down an incredible path. But the story doesn't end there. New, cutting-edge brain-scan research has emerged that has opened the doors to a new level, a new revolution in trauma healing that simply hasn't existed or been known before.


As good as the previous methods are, they are incomplete. In my practice, I discovered that far too many people were still feeling stuck and helpless, even after decades of working with the previously known methods. After working with these simple and extraordinary and frankly, revolutionary new techniques, they are able to breakthrough and finally transform their old trauma patterns easily and joyfully. This is the missing link, the bridge from trauma to joy that changes everything.


You can be among the first to understand, experience, and learn how to utilize these joyful new techniques and methods in your life and in your practice.

Who is it for?

Step-by-Step Inner Coaching Program for Transformational Coaches, Wellness Leaders, Health Practitioners and Visionaries... or anyone who wants to transform their early trauma in a loving, joyful way.
Is this course limited to practitioners?

Not at all. This course is not just for practitioners — it's for anyone wanting to transform the early trauma in their own life or their clients. Beginners are welcome, as are those who have been working on their trauma for years. You can be brand new to this field... and from any walk of life... and benefit tremendously from this course.


The Birth Dance System is two-fold:


The Birth Dance

It's an unmatched system to joyfully and gracefully honor and work through personal trauma acquired at birth, infancy, and babyhood — for anyone (beginner or pro) in any walk of life.


The Birth Dance

It's a training program for healing professionals (including pre-natal and peri-natal practitioners) seeking to offer their clients a loving compassionate way of working through their deepest birth trauma... while doing their own personal healing.

Why The Birth Dance System?

You might already know that having ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) can set a person up for depression, anxiety, health issues and substance abuse, as well as serious health issues. Studies show that toxic stress, high levels of cortisol and hardship in physical, emotional and/or economic ways become patterns that continue to recur, eating away at and eroding chances for wellbeing.

Did you know that these effects are multiplied when ABEs are present? (We use the term ABE's as short hand for Adverse Birth Experiences, which includes the period from pre-conception to post birth). When ABEs are combined with ACEs, things get even worse.

Unfortunately, this situation is poorly understood and has largely gone unaddressed and unanswered in mainstream health professions. Until now.

The Birth Dance Blueprint was created to help you let go of your own early trauma patterns that you might think have affected you your whole life so that they can get transformed... and you can reclaim your life purpose and increase your impact. By following the Blueprint, you can gain the freedom to build a whole new expanded practice and business from the foundation of your luminous Core Essence.

Imagine if you knew exactly what to do to help yourself and your clients with this missing piece. Going through The Birth Dance yourself gives you the transformational skills and experience to help your clients in ways they might never been helped before.

How can you know if your ABEs are still affecting you?

You have great skills. You've done tons of training. You're super intuitive and capable. You really want to make a difference in the world by helping people heal. But something is holding you back. Any one of the following patterns is enough to keep you from achieving your goals - or even from having a goal:

Do you relate to any of these?

  • important point -The Birth Dance   In spite of your training, you still doubt your ability or experience to hold a deep space for others who want to heal

  • important point-The Birth Dance   You're scared stiff of going into paralysis when you try to teach or speak

  • important point-The Birth Dance   You love the synergy and exponential growth that happens in group work, but don't feel confident to work with groups or to share your light... your wisdom... your heart... in a bigger way

  • important point-The Birth Dance   With private clients, you feel that you might miss something that could end up affecting the client negatively

  • important point-The Birth Dance   Every time you're super successful, something happens to blow it. . . or you burn out

  • important point-The Birth Dance   You feel a level of exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout - even though you know there's something more (you just don't know how to get there - yet)

  • important point-The Birth Dance   You sense there's a missing piece preventing you from moving forward

  • important point-The Birth Dance   Or... you sense that your own unresolved early trauma and/or lack of safety is preventing you from moving forward

  • important point-The Birth Dance   Yet, you feel a sense of urgency — that the time is now — but you just can't get the brakes off!
Deep inside, you're longing for something that really works... and a community you can trust

Where its totally safe to finally break the grip of those early patterns, experience true transformation, and grow your coaching skills — all at the same time, of course.

Is it possible?

It's no easy task to move out of the overwhelm and gain the skills to resolve your own early patterns so that you can clearly follow your longing.

It requires skills. The good news is that there is a step-by-step process to give you those skills. When you have those skills, you can grow exponentially in your confidence and capacity to make a difference in the world.

If you have a gnawing sense that something has been missing from your transformational growth work...

If you know, deep in your heart, that you're meant for something more, and you're meant to help your clients work through their own hidden trauma patterns... but don't want to do it in the usual dark, shadow-style way...

The Birth Dance Blueprint provides a step-by-step action plan.

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Level 1
Sample a taste of The Birth Dance System

Get the 35 minute, Soma-Streaming audio and mini-course (based on Ray Castellino's classic Orienting Exercise), and discover a timeless technique to:

Tap into your eternal healthy blueprint

Lovingly orient and land deep within your body

Find your unshakable inner peace and calm

Train your brain for relaxation and comfort...let go of tension... live a richer, fuller, more connected life

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What can The Birth Dance System give you?


The 5 KEYS to finally get it deep into your cells and brain that you can create safety for yourself and can relax

Deep Connection and Bonding

The 5 STEPS to connect with yourself and others. The tools to give and receive mutual support and increase self-awareness and self-respect and deep bonding


Freedom from being forever stuck in destructive trauma patterns that never seem to go away no matter how hard you try. Freedom to leap into life!


Joy of The Birth Dance

About The Birth Dance System

Level 1: The Birth Dance Blueprint is the world's most joyful online training to resolve early and recurring trauma patterns that block you from thriving, connecting deeply with others, and following your deepest longings.

It consists of approximately 16 weeks of experiential online coaching and training - (often) leading to a Bonus live event designed specifically for practitioners and leaders just like you. It's for you if you have already done a lot of work and are ready to take it to the next level, while supporting your own deep growth at the same time.

Beginners are also equally welcome.

This is where you "Roll up your sleeves and do your own deep work" and also learn how to lead groups, providing a profoundly inspirational experience that is practical at the same time. Stretching ourselves and growing into all we can be is important to our development and fulfillment. Many former 1-on-1 practitioners realize that its time to step into the teacher role and share their wisdom and presence with others in the group format... even when they first felt they were enough and satisfied with where they were.

Level 2 of the Birth Dance System is the Core Essence Retreat (Womb Surround) which is held after Level 1 for a very small group of participants to go into a level of deeper healing and transformation. This is possible once the Blueprint work has been integrated.

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Resolve your early patterns

Susan Lange of The Birth Dance Susan spent six years training with and assisting Ray Castellino in his Pre-natal and Birth Trauma Foundation Training and Practitioner Training.  


Meet your Guide

After years of running a big, busy holistic medical center as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Functional medicine, and biodynamic craniosacral therapist, Susan Lange, was burned out and miserable. No amount of support or coaching helped until she discovered her missing piece - hidden birth and generational trauma patterns that were running her life.

After transforming her own early trauma patterns, she developed the Core Light Academy, a new system and teaching model that she used to create her series on the "5 Elements of Trauma Healing" and write a book.

Susan has helped countless visionaries, thought leaders and business owners come out of their exhaustion, overwhelm and burn-out and reclaim their vision with a renewed sense of purpose and joy. Now, she's ready to help you.


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Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist
A must-do experience if you're ready to reclaim your life!
Susan and Julian Lange are true geniuses in the realm of personal transformation - processing the birth process (each person's) psychological DNA in ways we've never seen or experienced through any other method or process. . .and it lasts. Deeply intuitive and love-based work, coupled with decades of experience with people from all around the world, this is a must-do experience if you're ready to reclaim your life.

Judith Sherven
Ph.D, Psychologist, Executive Coach, Silicone Valley



Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist
I'm a new man!
The intelligence, caring, insight, skill, shown are unmatched in my experience. . .I am more moved than I could have imagined. I broke through a barrier that had me imprisoned my whole life 67 years and it has left me with a knowing, an irrepressible knowing that I will never, never re-enter that prison again. Susan Lange is one of the most masterful process masters we have ever seen.
Jim Sniechowski
PhD, Psychologist



Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist
Susan gave me my first experience of feeling safe in my own body!
23 years of various talk therapy, tapping, EMDR, and other modalities did not begin to touch the issues that Susan was able to reach. My life is no longer one step forward, two steps back. There are no words to express what she has done for me. She opened the door to the life I am meant to live.
K. P.
Media Coach











Sample a taste of The Birth Dance System

Get the 35 minute, Soma-Streaming audio and mini-course (based on Ray Castellino's classic Orienting Exercise), and discover a timeless technique to:

The Birth Dance checkmark Tap into your eternal healthy blueprint

The Birth Dance checkmark Lovingly orient and land deep within your body

The Birth Dance checkmark Find your unshakable inner peace and calm

The Birth Dance checkmark Train your brain for relaxation and comfort...let go of tension... live a richer, fuller, more connected life

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Grab your opportunity to be among the first to understand, experience, and learn how to utilize these revolutionary new cutting-edge techniques and methods in your life and in your practice.