The Birth Dance System
Open House and Q&A REPLAY!

A powerful new breakthrough system to transform early trauma patterns and step into freedom

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Is something STILL missing in your skill set or your life that's keeping you from living the life you love?

important point -The Birth Dance   What the latest brain scan research says about how the brain loves to heal (and it's the opposite of everything you've been taught)
important point -The Birth Dance  Surf the "3rd Wave" in trauma healing and shift your practice to the next level
important point -The Birth Dance  Gain the skills and flexibility to work live in person, or get the same effects or better on Zoom (so that you're prepared for anything)


important point -The Birth Dance  Or are you beginning to get a sense of fullness that you're ready to step into teaching mode?
important point -The Birth Dance  Understand ABE's and ACE's and learn how to effectively and compassionately let them go
important point -The Birth Dance Why is it that, in spite of working on yourself forever, you still feel stuck and held back?

"More powerful than years of therapy!"

"The most grounding and heart opening experience of my life"

"My first experience of feeling safe in my own body."

"11 out of 10!"

"Profound ongoing healing on many levels."

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