The Birth Dance

What Students Are Saying About The Birth Dance Core Essence Retreat (Womb Surround)


Why The Birth Dance?

Its a new way (the upgrade) to supporting recovery from birth and early trauma in the way that the brain loves to heal best.

Healing trauma doesn't have to be traumatic. Yet, it must be addressed. If we don't resolve early trauma patterns, we can carry the detrimental effects throughout our lives (including patterns of Womb Twin Loss). The new, scientifically-based paradigm is to resolve these patterns in a loving and joyful way.



WOW!!! Essentially transformational for me!

Essentially transformational for me! This is the starting point for a new chapter of understanding and living!

Thank you. WOW!!! What a weekend.

- Wayne O. Re-Recording Mixer, Warner Brothers, Los Angeles, CA


My first experience of feeling safe in my own body.

Dr. Susan Lange altered the course of my life when she introduced me to the world of trauma healing. 23 years of various talk therapy, tapping, EMDR, and other modalities did not begin to touch the issues that Susan was able to reach. Nothing changed in my life until I met her. I compare ordinary therapies to Susan's extraordinary understanding and expertise in advanced trauma healing to an iceberg. Talk therapy addresses the ice we can see, which in my case was not much. Her trauma healing deals with the ice beneath the water.

My life is no longer one step forward, two steps back. Susan gave me my first experience of feeling safe in my own body. There are no words to express what she has done for me. She opened the door to the life I am meant to live."

- K. P., Media Coach


The original lullaby

"Thank you for your profound guidance in leading people back to the body and hearts. And helping them get back to the deep flow that exists between the deep love and heart of the mother and her child... The original lullaby."

- Patricia B, Author/Psychotherapist Santa Barbara, CA |


A miraculous few days

Susan and Julian created a safe, fun, nurturing environment that allowed me to risk honesty and joy and to break through barriers of illusion and resistance. It has been a miraculous few days — it really has — and I'm leaving tonight in what feels like my natural state. Well, it is!

The workshop provided me with an opportunity and an environment to feel my way, in my own time and on my own authentic terms, through a matrix of expansiveness — of allowingness, if there's such a word — and I burst into golden sunshine, surrounded by laughing loving supportive beautiful friends, in a state of unfettered joy!

- Bob D., Writer/Director, Los Angeles, CA


Profound ongoing healing on many levels

The consequent increase in energy flow to my entire system started a healing process which continues to this very day. I want to thank you once again for developing your Birth Workshop. Since I attended in June of 2008, I have experienced profound ongoing healing on many levels, physically, mentally, astrally and spiritually. As you conduct the workshop from both a scientific instructional and an intuitive perspective, you provided the opportunity for increased ability to process areas where my life force was frozen, and much of it since pre-birth. I continually recall key phrases which also serve to unlock areas in my psyche and thus help further integrate my entire physiology.

As a Chiropractor and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I highly recommend this workshop as an integral part of one's healing team. Update, year later: I feel like I've been birthed into the Holy Family of mankind and angels; washed anew of the remnants of forces which no longer serve my being physically on the deepest cellular level; emotionally of any colorations that do not clarify the integrity of my soul and spiritually re-united, reconciled and integrated with my highest essence and life purpose.

Thank you Susan and Julian for creating a safe and sacred space for my birthing on my truest Birthday weekend.

- Ellie F., Chiropractor, Florida


The most grounding and heart opening experience of my life

This workshop has been the most grounding and heart opening experience of my life! The care that was giving to all aspects of the workshop, from picking the group, to the beautiful and comfortable setting, created a safe space in which I was allowed to grow in a way I could not have imagined! "

- Christian F., Film and Television Producer, Santa Monica, CA


Exceeded my expectations!

"I thought, 'Healing is a team sport? Yeah, right. What the hell does that mean? I mean, I can do it myself, right?!'
Well, nooo. I must say I found out this weekend what it means to experience the group's power to heal. It was illuminating to experience that. While it was my turn officially only once, the whole weekend was really my turn. The healing and the insights continued throughout each encounter."

- Richard A., Musician, Seattle, WA


Something incredible happened...

"This was beyond any expectations I could have imagined. Something incredible happened to both me and the group that was transforming. We all bonded at a very deep level and I have the wonderful experience of being family with everyone here."

- David F, Real Estate Investor, Palm Springs, CA


Share our unique gifts more fully in the present

With the competent - no, the brilliant, gentle, intuitive hands of Susan and Julian, participants are guided with loving safe group support to access and heal deep, long-ago places of trauma in order to live and share our unique gifts more fully in the present.

- Eileen E., Retired School Teacher and ESL Instructor, Santa Monica, CA


The most healing and powerful healing work I have ever participated in

"Words can hardly express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your Birth Workshop. It truly has changed my life taking me into a new, more dynamic and authentic self. Both your extensive training and professionalism gives so much credibility to what you offer. In all my experience of healing work, this was truly the most healing and powerful I have ever participated in. Thank you. I am forever grateful. "

- M.K. Artist/Photographer, Santa Barbara, CA


This workshop was incredible

"This workshop was so incredible — the process, the sharing, the growth and the information were also profound. I feel I am now ready to move ahead, fully present in my life and doing what I am here to do. The ambience, the beauty of the setting, and the warm welcome all contributed to our transformations. With pure intention and agreement all things are possible. Bravo, Susan and Julian!"

- T.C. Esthetician/Salon Owner, Glendale, CA


(Now) looking for positive things in life

"I truly look forward to expanding even more, having successful relationships, better relationship, relationships with everyone that I know. What's happening in my physical body now is tingling all over. And this is something I've been feeling more and more of... in the past few weeks and past month. And it's all coming from actually being able to speak my joy, to tap into my joy, and not to be afraid of it and not to be afraid of negative things, but actually looking for positive things in life. "

- Rob R, Accountant, Los Angeles, CA


I feel proudly alive and whole

I thought at first that it was weird, but I felt open and willing. It was so natural and easy. It was wonderful to feel connected and safe in a group and feel heard. I could feel everyone else. It seemed to be a model that made perfect sense. Things were allowed. There was no judgment, no worry, no sense of time or self restraint, or self editing constriction. I felt that I could try my wings and there was room.

You both are wonderful healers. The group was perfect. There was a sense of natural order of rightness. Thank you for being my teachers.

- E.S., Art Director, Los Angeles, CA


There are tears in my eyes of gratitude

"You two are my most loved and respected mentors. I am honored to intermittently be in your presence. I am honored to be in your hearts. There are tears in my eyes of gratitude for the connectedness I feel when I think of my experience in the workshop a few years ago. I won't try to put that into words. "

- Nancy Y., Business Owner Utah


Accomplished two goals that are paramount to moving forward

This has been exceptional. It stretched me and helped me grow into the person I choose to be. I feel I accomplished two goals that are paramount to moving forward. I so much appreciated the respect and dignity we all received. No judgment, no expectations. You handled it with such compassion, kindness and gentleness. This allows me the environment to heal and make peace with what was thank you for so much.

Thank you so much for sharing such an extraordinary experience. I feel so privileged to be part of the group.

- Robin C. RN, Psychiatric Nurse, Los Angeles, CA


Learned to discover miracles inside I never knew existed

"I learned how to let go and jump into the unknown and discover miracles inside I never knew existed. Taking care of myself well enables me to bring more balanced and more love to everyone in my life.

Thank you so much grandest adventure I have ever experienced. Thank you so very much."

- Dennis H, Water Specialist, Los Angeles, CA