The Birth Dance

What People Are Saying About The Birth Dance Training


Why The Birth Dance? To support recovery from birth and early trauma in a loving and joyful way.

If we don't resolve early trauma patterns, we can carry the detrimental effects throughout our lives (including patterns of Womb Twin Loss). The goal is to resolve these patterns through JOY.



Cheryl shares her experience after completing the Birth Dance Level 1 Blueprint (Day 1).

Here's what Cheryl takes away after just beginning her experience with The Birth Dance - to Transform Early Trauma and Step into Freedom - Level 1 to work with and recover from early birth trauma.


  • I'm finally feeling safe with other people. Priceless!

  • The content has been life changing!

  • Succinct steps in order to create a safe place for myself.

  • This shift has happened in me.

  • I have a list of the huge shifts in my thinking and understanding.

  • I think this teaching should be everywhere.

  • This is vital. . .to have a sense of well being. It's gotta become more of the norm!

Cheryl is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and practices Neuro-Facial Rejuvenation (NFR)



Ann H. shares her experience after the Birth Dance Level 1 Blueprint (1 day).


Ann just completed The Birth Dance Blueprint: Transform Early Trauma and Step into Freedom (of The Birth Dance Level 1 Online Program). Here she is after completing the 1 Day BONUS live event.


  • I deeply experienced things I took for granted

  • I feel expansive and free in my body. I can feel this whole excitement and fizziness in my body... It feels extraordinary.

  • I was able to tell someone to back off — which is very liberating for me because I'm not used to saying "NO" to people.

  • The group felt like a very safe and supportive space. It was easy to share because people were so supportive.

  • This has affected every aspect of my life — my relationship with people, with clients.

  • This is for anyone who wants to grab onto life... this is your opportunity... (to find out) how to live life rather than be a bystander.




Ray Castellino, after spending a couple of hours with The Birth Dance students.



Ray Castellino on The Birth Dance and his Castellino Pre Natal & Birth Training:


  • Ray Castellino spent the morning with Dr. Susan Lange (OMD) and her students at her live Birth Dance Event to Transform Early Birth Trauma and Step into Freedom.

  • Ray speaks of the genesis of his own acclaimed work since the mid 1990s: the Castellino Pre Natal and Birth Training and BEBA* (now called Pre and Peri Natal Somatic Psychology).

  • The Birth Dance is inspired by Castellino's work among Susan's other great mentors.

  • *BEBA stands for Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment and is a non-profit research organization to support babies, children and families.


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Susan Lange, OMD, after facilitating the 1 day Birth Dance Blueprint: Transform Early Trauma and Step into Freedom, and why she loves to teach this.





Bisou after completing the 4 Day Core Essence Birth Dance Retreat



  • Bisou speaks about finding safety in the world, and how The Birth Dance process helped them gently build the resources and skills (most of all an internal foundation of safety) to reach their goals... and to stay in the wonderment of creating an ecstatic life.



Cheryl shares how she feels after completing the 4 Day Core Essence Birth Dance Retreat.



After completing the 4 Day Core Essence Birth Dance Retreat, Cheryl is grateful for the tools she gained in the workshop...


  • Thank you so much for giving us the tools that work. I've already seen them work so powerfully in myself and others. This is a dream come true for me - an answer to so much longing.


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