The Birth Dance Blueprint

A powerful step-by-step process to transform early trauma
and step into freedom.


Are you a health practitioner, trauma healer, transformational coach, or visionary who feels something might be missing in your skill set... or your life?

important point -The Birth Dance   You feel like you're always knocked off course... or you keep hitting road blocks
important point -The Birth Dance  Your practice or business is not at the level you'd hoped... you're having a hard time making ends meet... or there's a glass ceiling on your income.
important point -The Birth Dance  You're concerned that you're missing an important piece of intuitive wisdom in your work...and that lack could negatively affect your clients

important point -The Birth Dance  You're not fully confident in your skills and abilities as a practitioner
important point -The Birth Dance  You feel you're missing your potential and are beginning to doubt you'll ever fulfill your mission and live your passion
important point -The Birth Dance You long to help your clients create deep shifts, but your own persistent personal issues are getting in your way and holding you back


If your life is off course and you're not sure how to get back on track (even if you think you've tried everything already) this is the course that could change everything.

Discover a brand new paradigm in working comfortably, efficiently and lovingly with early trauma patterns based on the latest cutting edge brain scan research.


Your Plan to Build a Happier, More Meaningful Life

The Birth Dance
Get access to The Birth Dance Blueprint
The Birth Dance
Practice the simple "5 & 5" Birth Dance Steps
The Birth Dance
Restore joy, purpose and fulfillment to your life and watch your life change!


The Birth Dance Model

Yes, Susan!
I'm ready to invest in myself and my own transformation and support others in transforming their lives - in a joyful way!

I understand that I'm getting access to a one-time offer worth over $9,619 of training for a very low investment. This special offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute.

I also understand that as part of The Birth Dance System Blueprint, I will get access to:

  • The Orientation material #8212 as soon as I register along with the Bonuses, so I can get started right away, today!
  • 7 Modules videos, PDFs, Companion Guides, checklists, audio meditations, as well as Orientation and Graduation modules with self-assessments and quizzes to keep me on track.
  • Lifetime access to your state-of-the-art online learning platform and module companion guides, where I will get walked through your step-by-step proprietary method designed to support me in mastering this transformational work. ($2,997 value)

I'll also get these valuable resources:

  • 10, 2-hour Group Coaching and Support Calls throughout the program to help me keep on track and process the material
  • Access to the recording of each of the live classes in case I miss a live training session or want to review the material
  • 5 illustrative videos with Susan teaching this Blueprint to students so that I can follow along step-by-step and get exactly how she does it ($1,550 value)
  • Professional Transcripts for each video ($575 value)
  • Step-by-Step weekly plan to explore and claim my Birth Dance Blueprint
  • A "Fast Action Basics" Guide with the Blueprint in checklist form, for faster, lighter, more "yang" insights
  • The Birth Dance Journal to help me integrate my learnings in a slower, deeper, more "yin" way
  • The "5 & 5" Birth Dance Wall Chart to have the Blueprint easily accessible for my daily practice
  • Additional Resources in each module if I want to go deeper
  • Access to a Private Birth Dance Facebook Community forum to ask my questions and get support and feedback on my healing journey.
  • Bonus video workshop "Beyond Trauma: Ten Trauma-Busting Tips" — how to work with a community in trauma, and second hand trauma - in a joyful way (so you don't cause more trauma).... ($197 value)
  • Acclaimed interview with the late Raymond Castellino, leading innovator in the field of Pre and Perinatal Somatic Psychology.
  • And much more...

And... the following Bonuses and Gifts:

  • Bonus Masterclass: "Pain and Your Brain" — 2 hour live Coaching Call and Practice Session based on the latest brain scan research. (date tbd) ($197 Value)
  • Bonus: 2 Part video program and checklist, "Beyond Trauma: Top Ten Trauma-Busting Tips" — how to work with a community in trauma, and second-hand trauma - in a compassionate way (so that I don't cause more trauma)...($297 value)
  • Gift #1: Invitation to the live Level 1 Event to consolidate and grow my skills where I get to practice the Birth Dance Blueprint with others in community - both as a leader and as a participant. (Space is extremely limited.) ($1,250 value)
  • Gift #3: Unlimited re-attendance right to Live Level 1 Blueprint events for The Birth Dance System in future groups. This helps me to practice and grow my skills, get updates and more support on letting go of early trauma patterns and sharing the gifts of who I am while coaching others.

TOTAL VALUE: $9,619)

  • Option to enroll in the special personalized CORE Group (Womb Surround): 4-Day Retreat to connect with my Core Essence and access my life purpose ... to share my message with the world. (By application only. Separate tuition).

Tuition: $2,997 with bonuses of over $9,619.00

(Special savings only during this enrollment period)


$1997 $1297

Special Buddy Option now available — share tuition with a friend: $647 each (50% Savings)
Until September 28th, 2023 only.

From September 29th though October 4th, the price rises to $1597

On October 5th, the price rises to $1997

-->> Live Coaching Calls start on October 5th, 2023 <<--





Because we are confident that you will absolutely love this training program, we are offering a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee for your first 30 days.


More powerful than years of therapy!

The most impressive and effective personal growth experience I have ever experienced. Worth everything. More powerful than years of therapy with even an experienced therapist. Deeply loving, spiritual, psychological and truly life changing. Susan and Julian are genius soul wizards and trustworthy in their deep integrity."

- Judith Sherven, Ph.D, Psychologist


11 out of 10!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I have to give this course "The Birth Dance"... an 11!"

- Jeff Hutner Spiritual Entrepreneur, Publisher New Paradigm Digest


I broke through a 67-year-old barrier

I am a new man. The intelligence, caring, insight, skill, shown are unmatched in my experience. . .I am more moved than I could have imagined. I broke through a barrier that had me imprisoned my whole life 67 years and it has left me with a knowing, an irrepressible knowing that I will never, never re-enter that prison again. Susan Lange is one of the most masterful process masters we have ever seen.

- Jim Sniechowski PhD, Psychologist


WOW!!! Essentially transformational for me!

Essentially transformational for me! This is the starting point for a new chapter of understanding and living! Thank you. WOW!!! What a weekend.

- Wayne O. Re-Recording Mixer, Warner Brothers Los Angeles, CA.


My first experience of feeling safe in my own body.

Dr. Susan Lange altered the course of my life when she introduced me to the world of trauma healing. 23 years of various talk therapy, tapping, EMDR, and other modalities did not begin to touch the issues that Susan was able to reach. Nothing changed in my life until I met her. I compare ordinary therapies to Susan's extraordinary understanding and expertise in advanced trauma healing to an iceberg. Talk therapy addresses the ice we can see, which in my case was not much. Her trauma healing deals with the ice beneath the water.

My life is no longer one step forward, two steps back. Susan gave me my first experience of feeling safe in my own body. There are no words to express what she has done for me. She opened the door to the life I am meant to live."

- K. P., Media Coach


Susan and Julian created a safe, fun, nurturing environment that allowed me to risk honesty and joy and to break through barriers of illusion and resistance.

It has been a miraculous few days — it really has — and I'm leaving tonight in what feels like my natural state. Well, it is!

The workshop provided me with an opportunity and an environment to feel my way, in my own time and on my own authentic terms, through a matrix of expansiveness — of allowingness, if there's such a word — and I burst into golden sunshine, surrounded by laughing loving supportive beautiful friends, in a state of unfettered joy!

- Bob D., Writer/Director, Los Angeles, CA


Profound ongoing healing on many levels

The consequent increase in energy flow to my entire system started a healing process which continues to this very day. I want to thank you once again for developing your Birth Workshop. Since I attended in June of 2008, I have experienced profound ongoing healing on many levels, physically, mentally, astrally and spiritually. As you conduct the workshop from both a scientific instructional and an intuitive perspective, you provided the opportunity for increased ability to process areas where my life force was frozen, and much of it since pre-birth. I continually recall key phrases which also serve to unlock areas in my psyche and thus help further integrate my entire physiology.

As a Chiropractor and soon to be Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I highly recommend this workshop as an integral part of one's healing team. Update, year later: I feel like I've been birthed into the Holy Family of mankind and angels; washed anew of the remnants of forces which no longer serve my being physically on the deepest cellular level; emotionally of any colorations that do not clarify the integrity of my soul and spiritually re-united, reconciled and integrated with my highest essence and life purpose.

Thank you Susan and Julian for creating a safe and sacred space for my birthing on my truest Birthday weekend.

- Ellie Feldman, Chiropractor, Florida


The most grounding and heart opening experience of my life

This workshop has been the most grounding and heart opening experience of my life! The care that was giving to all aspects of the workshop, from picking the group, to the beautiful and comfortable setting, created a safe space in which I was allowed to grow in a way I could not have imagined! "

- Christian F., Film and Television Producer, Santa Monica, CA






Because we are confident that you will absolutely love this training program, we are offering a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee for your first 30 days.